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Our brokers have an extensive knowledge of all types of business insurance coverage that benefits operations and future growth. 

At NEC Insurance Agency, Inc. We put the power of the internet to work for you! The following questions concern the type of business insurance coverage you are requesting . Please answer them as accurately as possible.

1) Business Name:

2) Description of the business:

3) What type of entity is your company?

4) Please indicate the state in which your business is located:

5) Please indicate your total # of full-time employees:

# of Part Time Employees:

6) Do you want the officers of the company to be included? YesNo

7) Please indicate your total annual revenue:

8) Please indicate your total annual payroll: Please enter amount: $

9) Do you currently have business auto insurance? YesNo

If you are currently insured, please select your current insurance carrier:

If your provider is not listed above, please provide the company name here:

10) How many years have you had coverage with this company?

11) How many years have you had continuous coverage (With no lapse)?

Business Information:

1) Business address:

Business address:

2) City:

3) State:

4) Zip Code:

5) Do you own or lease the location? LeaseOwn

6) Year built:

7) Number of stories in the building:

8) Which floor do you occupy?

9) Number of sq ft occupied:

10) Construction type:

11) Does your suite have sprinklers: YesNo

12) Type of parking available:

13) Are there day care facilities: YesNo

14) Does the building have security? YesNo

15) Type of security:

16) Is your office located within 1000 ft of a fire hydrant? YesNo

17) Hours of operation:

18) Do you work weekends? YesNo

19) Please list any scheduled personal property items or collectibles for which you need additional coverage. Please indicate the type and amount, for example, "Computers $10,000."

Amount ($):

Amount ($):

Amount ($):

Amount ($):

Amount ($):

20) Liability Amount:

21) Deductible:

22) In the past five years have you reported any losses for the property? YesNo

23) If you have, were those claims:

The answer to these basic questions will help us process your information.

1) Best Time To Contact:

2) Additional Comments:
Please provide any additional information you feel is pertinent to the insurance coverage you need.

1. First Name:

2. Last Name:

3. Phone:

4. Email:

5. Address:

6. Address:

7. City:

8. State:

9. Zip Code:

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